Case Studies

Tamba Bar and Grill

Tamba Bar and Grill is a South East Indian restaurant offering an expo of eats at Curry Hill's Tamba in Manhattan.

Develop awareness campaign and drive online and in restuarant traffic.

Tamba Bar and Grill is one of many Indian restaurants located in the Curry Hill section of Manhattan. Our challenge was to differentiate them from everyone else and drive traffic to the restaurant.

• Create unique social media events and online challenges
• Host various food events
• Spearhead Public relations
• Revamp website
• Introduced incentive programs for returning and new customers
• Secured Marketing Results with Real Time Twitter Campaign

Our team of marketing and social media specialists followed a very structured program when managing the social media campaign for our client. This allowed for regular posting to Facebook, several daily tweets on Twitter, real-time monitoring of mentions and proactive social engagement with followers. We took the time to truly understand the Tamba brand so we could effectively communicate the brands promise within the space of social media, media and through event promotions.

Our client increased their customer base 65% and Tamba remains a must go to restaurant when visiting Copper Hill.