Case Studies

Segmented Marketing Urban-Youth

The Montefiore Medical Center Brand
The Montefiore Medical Center, a state of the art Health center in New York City.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Montefiore was embarking on an HIV/AIDS awareness, education and testing campaign targeting the Urban youth population of New York City

- Design, from the ground-up, a complete direct to targeted consumer plan to effectively reach the intended   recipients of information
- Identify a relevant message to distribute to the youth recipients
- Establish a peer level advocacy for the campaign
- Send out a street team to directly touch each potential youth recipient, train each street team member with the   talking points of the campaign
- Clearly identify the difficulty in decimating information for such a difficult or “touchy” subject as getting an HIV test   go the intended youth recipients

Dr. Donna Futterman, Program Director for the Montefiore Medical Center summarizes the PENTG impact:
“It took PENTG’s targeted and cost-effective lifestyle marketing campaign to educate teens, get them tested, an ultimately save lives. They worked closely with us to understand our goals and brought our message of HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of knowing your status to places where the youth we needed to reach were going. THEY WENT BEYOND A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP; they really cared about reaching the youth.”