Case Studies

Nirvana Integrative Medicine

Nirvana Integrative Medicine Brand
Nirvana Integrative Medicine offers an approach to health and healing that provides patients with personalized health and wellbeing programs which are designed to provide the patient with the knowledge, skills, and support to take better care of their physical emotional, psychological, and spiritual health located in The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

Integrative Medicine Center initial Launch.

Dr. Rafique wanted to launch her own practice and needed a heavy marketing and PR campaign.

• Designed and Developed website and complete social media campaign
• Introduced Reiki, Meditation and Nutrion course series
• Kicked off social media campaign and various health related fairs and events
• Spearheaded media and advertising campaign handled all press, interviews and related events
• Worked directly with the staff to implement HR functionalities and Policy and Procedures
• Responsible for all imaging of 3 offices

Since launching in 2010, Nirvana now has three locations located throughout the New York Tri State area and boasts a patient base of upwards of 15,000 patients cumatively and increase of 75%.