Case Studies

Irving Burgie

Irving Burgie Brand
Irving Burgie is one of the greatest composers of Caribbean music. His songs to date have sold over 100 million records throughout the world.

Mr. Burgie is a National Treasure however most people had no idea that he even existed or that he wrote the majority of Harry Belofante's music. Harry Belofante had the first platinum album in the history of the United States.

Mr. Burgie's catalog was licensed by BMG Publishing for 50% MM. Our goal was to increase Irving Burgies visibility and reintroduce his catalog.

50 years after Mr. Burgie first penned "Day O", Lil Wayne sampled the song on his smash hit "6foot 7 foot" topping the charts. UK pop superstar Jason DeRulo also sampled "Day O" on his chart topper, “Don't Want To Go Home”.

• Liason between client and BMG
• Secured press and implemented various press events
• Secured numerous speaking engagements
• Increased Mr. Burgies website traffic by 75%
• Secured on air interviews domestically and internationally