Case Studies

FIT TOWN USA (Youth marketing)

Fit Town USA Brand
Fit Town USA, a divison of Health corps was developed to connect and empower citizens and organizations to bring about awareness and affect change through community based projects.

Our goal was to develop photovoice projects to explore and document community life, build-environment improvements and execute Highway to Health Fair & Festivals.

Fit Towns goal was to Educate the Student Body via thier in-school programs and to empower and educate youth and faculty about their bodies, their environments and their abilities to affect them. We worked in tandem with the team to implement initiatives to secure this message.

PENTG and HealthCorps Coordinators formed important ties with public health departments, school systems, community foundations, the business community, city food banks and other community service organizations to coalesce efforts. FitTown efforts are guided by key tools developed by the Center for Disease controls: the School Health Index (SHI) and the Community Health Index (CHI).

Created Tools to create educated consumers: food label, portion and ingredient label deciphering

• Emphasized Practical exercise like walking, yoga and simple strength building routines
• Worked hand in hand to creative a service focused on learning projects to teach other students
• Health Corps lessons
• Organized Field trips to organic farms, hospitals, museums
• Implemented Teen Iron Chef cooking lessons and competitions
• Co-ordinated national Parent’s Nights
• Implemented national speaking tour