Case Studies

Social Media Campaign

Hip Hop Theatre Festival Brand
The Hip Hop Theatre Festival. The premiere lifestyle Festival company founded in New York City with national and international productions.

HHTF fall programming

The Hip Hop Theatre Festival is entering their 10th year of existence, while they are well known to performance aficionados they’re relatively unknown beyond their core consumer. Their limited and outdated social media and online presence contributed to the lack of outreach to a broader audience.

- Immediately begin an intense online campaign that included frequent Twitter and Facebook updates
- Directly contact high-profile bloggers to encourage their participating in actively promoting the festival
- Secure co-op banners promoting the festival with media partners
- Activate online street team to reach thousands of Hip Hop and Urban like-minded online community members
- Coordinate and work in tandem with HHTF P.R. team
- Produce and distributed online content including interviews, IDs, snippets and YOUtube videos to promote the   event
- Secure beverage sponsors for opening party and invite media personalities to attend
- Create content and update the HHTF website

- Sold-out opening parties included members of New York Times, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Rolling   Stone as well as video media outlets
- Diversified the attendee demographics by 15%
- Secured over 2000 individual ‘hits’ on HHTF site of visitors that had no previous knowledge of site